Ecover 2Shy and stuttering Morgan McKenna struggles through special needs classes in high school and then lands a job in the local library. Travis Cooper is a brilliant college student who is barely pulling a C in Girls 101. A chance meeting is the start of a unique relationship: for Travis, an important friendship without all the anxiety of a romance; for Morgan, an awakening that stirs powerful emotions she’s never experienced before. When Travis receives an acceptance letter to a coveted grad program in England, will it all end?

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e_cover_finalThe year is 1873.  Johanna is on academic probation at the University of Berlin and Eduard is a stuffy assistant professor. When fate brings them together, it’s hate at first sight! But they form an unlikely alliance and travel to Florence to study a rare Aztec history. When they stumble on an obscure coded document, they face unseen danger from those who believe the mysterious monograph holds the key to a vast fortune! Will Eduard and Johanna find Montezuma’s lost treasure – or something even more valuable – before it’s too late?

Available at Amazon and Smashwords.

Book Review

Emma: A Modern Retelling

Emma, A Modern Retelling,

by Alexander McCall Smith

This 2014 re-do of the Jane Austen classic is delightful. Emma Woodhouse is intelligent, rich, beautiful…and spoiled. The novel tracks her personal growth from self-absorbed to self-aware. Along the way, she develops empathy for the feelings of others, as her schemes to engineer happiness for others backfire. Will her new-found maturity also help her to find true love?

Alexander McCall Smith examines the world through the eyes of a wide cast of relatable characters, always treating them with humor and light irony, not bitter sarcasm. The novel is well-paced and interesting. An easy, yet rewarding read. I would definitely recommend this book.

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